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Choosing Applicable Law in International Arbitration Provisions

By Shelby Grubbs and Magaly Cobian, Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation |

While arbitration is the consensus means for resolving international contractual disputes, arbitration provisions can range from a terse sentence to lengthy tailor-made protocols. Regardless of length, it is always a good idea for parties to specify governing law, and a number of considerations and criteria, discussed below, should inform that specification.

Raise act

The RAISE Act: Raising Georgia's Interest in Immigration

By Anton Mertens, Burr & Forman |

The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act (S. 1720), introduced in August by Sens. David Perdue, R-Georgia, and Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, would eliminate the immigration system as we know it and replace it with a points-based system. A companion bill, known as the Immigration in the National Interest Act of 2017 was introduced in the House in September by Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas. Just how will these changes proposed by the new administration affect Georgia businesses?


Insolvencies—An Overview of Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code

By Gary W. Marsh and Caryn E. Wang, Dentons US |

Over the last decade, cross-border trade and investment opportunities have increased, and Georgia stands as a great example of such opportunities. Although the increase in international trade and investment has created more business opportunities, it has also increased the need and importance of coordinated cross-border insolvency proceedings.

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Randy Evans, left, and Shari Klevens, right.

Tips For Maintaining Client Confidences at the Border

By J. Randolph Evans and Shari L. Klevens, Dentons US |

For many attorneys, international travel is a function of a modern and increasingly global law practice. With this rise in travel, however, comes an increased risk of violating the rules of professional conduct and potentially facing a malpractice claim as a result.

Randy Evans, left, and Shari Klevens, right.

Legal Malpractice Claims Level Off as Conflicts and Cyber Claims Rise

By J. Randolph Evans and Shari L. Klevens, Dentons US |

In light of these trends, law firms may wish to consider taking steps such as shoring up conflicts protocols, addressing technology security protocols and investigating cyber liability insurance to help avoid becoming a malpractice statistic.

Randy Evans, left, and Shari Klevens, right.

Three Tips for Handling the Difficult Decision to Downsize

By Randy Evans and Shari L. Klevens, Dentons US |

When downsizing becomes necessary, it can be an extremely difficult and emotional process. However, a messy breakup benefits no one. Law firms can instead invest the time and resources to help ensure a smooth transition for the departing attorneys and staff.

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Gregg Allman

Mourning Gregg Allman, a Lawyer Looks Back and Writes

By Rex Smith, Henning Mediation and Arbitration Services |

A "semi-autobiographical" essay with people from his past—and concerts they attended—mixed into composite characters and composite anecdotes captures Georgia's Southern rock heritage.

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Ed Bonapfel, Alston & Bird, Atlanta

Helping Those Who Need It Most

By Edward P. Bonapfel, Alston & Bird |

The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation's Safe Families Office, located in the Fulton County Courthouse, gives victims a safe place to consult with an attorney and helps victims understand their legal options, serve process on their abusers and locate pro bono legal assistance for those who cannot afford an attorney to secure a yearlong protective order.

L-R Jaime Davis and Stephanie Biddle.

Few Legal Endeavors Are As Rewarding as Potentially Saving a Client's Life

By Jaime E. Davis, King & Spalding Stephanie B. Biddle, Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers |

One of the first things lawyers learn in domestic violence training at the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation is that intimate partner violence can occur in any relationship, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or education level. Two lawyers saw that firsthand.

Richard Farnsworth, Farnsworth Law, LLC.

A Lawyer Counts the Victims in Family Violence Cases

By Richard G. Farnsworth, Farnsworth Law |

Representing a survivor of battery can pose challenges that differ from other domestic litigation—including vicarious trauma and stres.

Law Inc.

Robin Hensley

Jumping on an Emerging Legal Practice

By Robin Hensley, Raising the Bar |

Drone law is filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who need help navigating the still-forming laws that apply to unmanned aircraft.

Robin Hensley

Hunt, Don't Fish, for Networking Outcomes

By Robin Hensley, Raising the Bar |

Too often, lawyers think that networking is the end result of networking. It's not—the ultimate goal is revenue.

Letter to the Editor

Georgia Legal Community Mourns Loss of Catherine O'Neil

The State Bar of Georgia writes in condolence to the family, colleagues and many friends of Catherine M. O'Neil, a partner with King & Spalding in Atlanta, on her recent and very untimely passing.

Lawyer Is Puzzled Over U.S. Chamber's Ranking of Georgia Legal Environment

Contrary to the implications of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform survey, the Georgia legal system has substantially improved for businesses (and defendants generally) in civil litigation in the past two decades.

'Apex Doctrine' Is a Tool For Defense Industry, Lawyer Writes

The "apex doctrine" is another of those tools first created by the defense industry to stymie discovery of evidence.


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Top Verdicts & Settlements

Georgia's Top Verdicts & Settlements of 2016 lists the highest grossing cases in the state as reported by VerdictSearch, an affiliate publication of the Daily Report.