Skeptical Judge Gives Lawyers More Time to Keep Client Conversations Under Wraps

A federal judge who said he was inclined to let whistleblower lawyers pierce a defendant company's attorney-client privilege to pursue claims that defense lawyers coached witnesses to lie has delayed a decision until March.

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  • Protect Against the Threat of Sanctions With a Well-Crafted Legal Hold Memo

    By Scott A. Wandstrat

    Whenever e-discovery comes up, you can almost always count on the topic to include a discussion of sanctions. That's not an accident. There has been an uptick in both the volume of filings asking for discovery sanctions and orders granting those requests. And, for better or for worse, these trends don't seem to be at risk of abating.

  • Shifting Focus Is a Bigger Challenge for Smaller Firms

    By Max Mitchell

    Shifting a law firm's practice focus might be a necessity in today's legal market, but for small and midsize firms, it could be one of the most difficult processes a firm faces.

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Run for Justice 2014 Video

Jason R. Bennitt, Daily Report
One thousand people registered for Saturday’s 23rd Annual Run for Justice, run through the streets of Oakhurst on a crisp fall morning. The event raised about $20,000 for Atlanta Legal Aid Society.
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