Lurid List Sparks Oral Argument Over Waffle House Chairman

Normally dry appellate arguments took on the tone of a trial—or a syndicated talk show—in the case of Waffle House Inc. chairman Joe Rogers, whose former housekeeper and assistant has accused him of sexual harassment, while he has accused her of extortion.

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  • From Anagram to Rock Band with Silent & Listen

    By Nathan Woody

    My wife used to teach elementary school in Fulton County. She had a poster in her classroom that read, "Silent and Listen are spelled with the same letters." The hope was that it would quiet a room full of wild third-graders. I'm not sure it had that effect, but it seemed like a funny band name.

  • Broader Clawback Policies, More Corporate Accountability

    By Ben W. Heineman Jr.

    Corporations should go far beyond the frameworks in Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley in designing clawback and holdback policies.

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