The South's General Counsels See Modest Increases in Base Pay, More Generous Gains in Overall Compensation Packages

The latest reported data regarding GCs at 419 Southern-based public companies reveals compensation is on the rise. We examine trends, and take a closer look at the top-paid GCs in Georgia and the South. Search our online database of nearly 2,800 compensation packages, going back to 2007, by name, industry, state and more.

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  • High Times for Basketball Fan and Player Jared Seff

    By Andy Peters

    Longtime fan plays in local league, watches pro and college teams

  • Black Swans: InfoGov Without Drama

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    No European saw a black swan until 1697, when the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh sighted one off the coast of New Holland (aka western Australia). Until then, "all swans are white" was a phrase used as a standard example of a well-known truth, with the sighting of a black swan chalked up to something exceedingly rare if not nonexistent.

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ServiceJuris: Fifteen Years of Service

Daily Report
June 14 marked the 15th anniversary of ServiceJuris, a Hands On Atlanta community service day in which approximately 400 volunteers from Atlanta’s legal community gather together to make a difference in the city.
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