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  • Form of Production for E-Discovery: Know the Rules

    By Scott A. Wandstrat

    In e-discovery, function follows form. As a result of this truism, I've found that there is a correlation between the amount of experience an attorney has with e-discovery and the strength of his feelings about the form in which documents should be produced.

  • Salary Wars Help Boost In-House Counsel Pay

    By Rebekah Mintzer

    A seasoned and skilled in-house attorney looking for work is a candidate worth fighting over, which fortunately for the lawyer can lead to better compensation.

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Run for Justice 2014 Video

Jason R. Bennitt, Daily Report
One thousand people registered for Saturday’s 23rd Annual Run for Justice, run through the streets of Oakhurst on a crisp fall morning. The event raised about $20,000 for Atlanta Legal Aid Society.
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