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Choosing Applicable Law in International Arbitration Provisions

By Shelby Grubbs and Magaly Cobian, Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation |

While arbitration is the consensus means for resolving international contractual disputes, arbitration provisions can range from a terse sentence to lengthy tailor-made protocols. Regardless of length, it is always a good idea for parties to specify governing law, and a number of considerations and criteria, discussed below, should inform that specification.

Raise act

The RAISE Act: Raising Georgia's Interest in Immigration

By Anton Mertens, Burr & Forman |

The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act (S. 1720), introduced in August by Sens. David Perdue, R-Georgia, and Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, would eliminate the immigration system as we know it and replace it with a points-based system. A companion bill, known as the Immigration in the National Interest Act of 2017 was introduced in the House in September by Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas. Just how will these changes proposed by the new administration affect Georgia businesses?


Insolvencies—An Overview of Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code

By Gary W. Marsh and Caryn E. Wang, Dentons US |

Over the last decade, cross-border trade and investment opportunities have increased, and Georgia stands as a great example of such opportunities. Although the increase in international trade and investment has created more business opportunities, it has also increased the need and importance of coordinated cross-border insolvency proceedings.

Joshua Pila, general counsel, Meredith Corp.’s local media group

Meet the GC at Meredith's Local Media Group

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Joshua Pila is general counsel of the Atlanta-based Local Media Group of Meredith Corp., a publicly traded, family controlled national media company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.

Robert Graff, Major, Lindsey & Africa, Atlanta.

Moving Up: A Q&A About 2017 GC Compensation

By Kristen Rasmussen |

Bob Graff, an Atlanta-based partner and recruiter in the in-house practice group at legal search consultants Major, Lindsey & Africa discusses the big-picture trends in GC compensation.

David and Goliath concept.

Deposing the Giant Under the Apex Doctrine

By Jake Evans, Thompson Hine |

Many jurisdictions have adopted a unique test called the Apex Doctrine to examine the permissibility of apex depositions.

Jury box.  2-9-11.  Photo by Jason Doiy...

Will Trials Ever Return?

By Amanda Farahany, Barrett & Farahany |

The vanishing trial may be the most important issue facing our civil justice system today. It deserves our continued attention.

How to Speed Up and Streamline Your Next Arbitration

By Henry R. Chalmers and Rebecca Lunceford Kolb, Arnall Golden Gregory |

The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act streamlines the process for initiating arbitrations, sets tight deadlines for concluding them, automatically confirms arbitration awards and provides speedy resolution of any challenges directly to the Delaware Supreme Court.

In-House Profile: Managing Litigation at Georgia-Pacific

By Jonathan Ringel |

Starting as chief litigation counsel in 2005, John Childs holds the title of assistant general counsel, litigation, at Georgia-Pacific, managing 12 in-house lawyers among more than 50 in the company's in-house department.

Cyber Security.

Cybersecurity Vendor Management Has Role in Risk Reduction

By Mitzi Hill, Taylor English Duma |

Here are some basics to consider when evaluating your vendors and their commitments to your cybersecurity, as well as some specific measures to employ with those suppliers whose work might present a risk to your company data.

J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building, Washington, D.C.

Your Company Has Been Hacked; Should You Call the Government?

By Justin S. Daniels and Jason R. Edgecombe, Baker Donelson |

In the rush to respond to a hack, the victim needs to assess whether the involvement of law enforcement is appropriate.

Cyber attack

Theft of Trade Secrets by Cyberattack: Mitigating the Damage

By William "Chip" Collins Jr., Burr & Forman |

To mitigate damage and try to preserve the protected status of trade secrets affected by a cyberattack, businesses must act fast.

Simon Jenner, Accella Pharmaceuticals, Atlanta.

'Business Is Practical,' Says Entrepreneurial CLO

By Jonathan Ringel |

With a law degree and an MBA from Case Western Reserve, Jenner has a lot of experience in transactional law, which is why the Daily Report asked him for an email interview for this edition of In-House Georgia, which looks at corporate transactions.

David Clifton, Intercontinental Exchange, Atlanta.

Intercontinental Exchange Does a Lot of Acquisitions—Meet the Lawyer Responsible For Them

By Jonathan Ringel |

Since he joined the company in 2014, David Clifton has been involved in the purchase of among many targets, including the New York Stock Exchange.

Mediators Share Advice on Managing Outside Counsel

By Amanda Farahany, Barrett & Farahany |

Several well-respected employment mediators describe what they'd advise inside counsel to do when managing outside counsel handling a case. Their responses were enlightening:

Ross Mansbach, Halyard Health, Atlanta.

Hiring and Managing Outside Counsel at Halyard Health

By Jonathan Ringel |

"Assuming you've hired the right counsel, the key is enabling them to do their best work," says Ross Mansbach.